Your shoes carry coronavirus with you| Did you know that?

Your shoes carry coronavirus with you| Did you know that?

An irresistible infection Covid-2019 has been made a lot of consideration of every overall association, clinical associations as well as every single other association are looking a lot of astute about this malady covid-19 pandemic. So there are safety measures just that can spare you and your cherished once. This infection has been contaminating through individual to individual, through respiratory framework, through close contact of individual to individual. Individuals themselves didn’t have a clue about that they have covid-19, as this illness doesn’t show any indications at first. They proceed with their typical routine assignments incorporating contact with one another and in this way taint others as well.

Corona virus is spreading day by day and we have to take care of ourselves. Shoes are also a main medium to spread coronavirus. when you go out,  and went to place where virus exist and you don’t know that. So you must wear shoe cover while going out. Because if you don’t wear shoe cover , then you are taking the virus into your home. 

Due to Coronavirus people are dying at very huge ratio and every person has to take care of themselves by own. You must wear face mask whenever you are going out, whether to walk or grocery shopping. If you are working some where then you should wear gowns to protect yourself from this virus.

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