Non Woven Box Bags in UAE

Non Woven Box Bags in UAE

Non woven box bags in

Modern bag is the finest manufacturer and supplier of Non woven Box Bags in UAE due to its extensive experience and reliable manufacturing process.
At the moment, we produces a large quantity of Box Bags every day in the production facilities situated in UAE.

Our non woven box bags are the excellent solution for environment friendly packaging. These bags have the same appearance, texture, and toughness as cloth bags since they are made entirely from recycled polypropylene. These bags have broad side and bottom gussets with matching cord handles.
These non woven box bags are both recyclable and reusable. This demonstrates your dedication to the environment and delivers the proper message to customers. With these eco-friendly, reasonably priced totes, you can lower your expenses and your environmental impact!

Imprinting your brand logo can help customers remember your dedication to sustainability! 

Non woven box bags in uae uses high quality raw materials in the production of these bags which are purchased from reputable petrochemical firms. They are multi-purpose bags that may be used for shopping, retail, supermarket, and other uses. They can also be used at home to store clothes and other stuff. With this non woven box bag, you can carry your necessities when you go outside. 

Benefits of our bags:

  • Conductivity of air
  • A strong tensile capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Simple printing capabilities
  • Color stability
  • Meets a variety of demands
  • Simple to discard

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