Non Woven Abaya Covers

Non Woven Abaya Covers is one of our featured product because its unique and having top quality in UAE. Modern Bags Tailoring product of non woven abaya covers are on high demand in market today because we are keeping the demand of our customers due to our cost and focusing the trends hence we are offering wide range of innovative, stylish, colorful abaya covers almost with customized logo printing. 
Keep your abaya in perfect position as new. These products are using highly sophisticated technology that is environment friendly and non-plastic therefore it’s perfect for textile industry, retailer shops and home. Every product of ours is top best quality therefore our customers are not having any complain with us.
 Furthermore you can also check our other bags that are non woven laundry bags, non woven slipper bags, metal logos, pillow covers and etc. Customers are happy with us because of our quality and similarly we deliver the product in time. Each cover is made from sustainable 100gsm non-woven polypropylene seems like which makes them even more strong, reusable and easy to clean as a result you will get perfect cover from us.

Our Non Woven Abaya Covers Gallery

Non woven
Non woven abaya covers
Non woven abaya covers
Non woven abaya covers

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