No 1: Non Woven Manufacturing Company in UAE

We are providing the best Non Woven Bags with quality product that has custom colors, reasonable price and huge variety in non woven bags. Our customers are happy with us because of our product quality and we deliver the product on time.

The Best Way to Experience our Wide collection of Product is to Buy Them at Reasonable Price. 

Paper Bags with handdies
Custon Metal Logos
Woven Cloth Labels
High Quality Hair dryer bags
wedding dress
Wedding Dress Covers
Shoe Bags in
Non Woven Shoe Bags
Sweet Boxes
Non Woven Shopping Bags
Pillow Covers
Face Mask
Abaya Covers
Non Woven Slipper

High Quality Printing Service in UAE

We are providing you with the best quality printing service in UAE. You can have your own custom printing, and custom colors with your own design.

We are providing this service at reasonable prices. Our customers are happy with us because of our product quality and we deliver the product on time.

A large Printing company with over 30+ years experience and a strong workforce

Apart from common items we develop custom made unique corporate gifts in Taiwan and locally, turning your ideas into reality to make a difference on the market saturated by similar products.

We are bringing up with a new eco-friendly concept to avoid plastic bags. Our non-woven bags are made of polypropylene which is the best suitable replacement for the plastic bags.

We are also experts in catering your needs by supplying metal logos products that care for your needs and make your business smart.

Experience of Modern Bags Tailor!

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Our client Reviews

"Best quality of bags and covers with on-time delivery."
Mahmad Asif
"Quality is very good."
Mohammad Moiz
"Your bags quality and your service is good with a resonable price."
Mahboob Hayad
"You are the best brand in UAE. I'm very much impressed by your service. All your products are best!"