Safety Gowns

Safety Gowns in UAE

Protection against corona virus using Safety gowns

Corona virus is spreading so fast in the whole world and we have to take care of ourselves especially when we are going out or going in a hospital. This safety gown is designed especially to be used against corona virus protection. It is disposable and also used for isolation. It provides the full coverage from upper body to lower body. This gown keeps the dust off clothes away from your skin. 

Design: The design of this gown is kept light-weight so that humans can carry it in very easy way. The material is environment friendly that is they are comfortable and soft with the hood. 

This safety gown can also be used in many places like car industry, waste managment, gardening painting and coating, construction work, cement manufacturing and so on.

 Quality: The material is Non-woven fabric that is why it is very light weight and cool. It gives the long lasting protection and protect your clothes from dirt and germs.

Size: The safety gown consist of hood and covers the body from top to bottom as it is having pants and jacket with hood. Humans having the height of 160cm to 180cm that is 62.99 inches to 70.87 inch.

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