How woven labels make your brand special ?

Every product has some label or tag that define the brand of that product or provides some sort of information. For example on cloths you have labels like wash with hands or some kind of information and so on, some cloths have their brand name on woven labels. 

All products, cloths required some good label on which they can define their identity. A printed label is one thing but if you want to take your product to the next level like for selling then a woven label is the best. A woven label contains the information about the quality of the fabric, the workmanship of the stitching and so on.

Why choose Woven labels?

Woven labels are like icing or giving finishing touch to the product at the end. Consumers already know that a finely woven labels takes much more time and money than printed labels. This dedication to quality gets recognized and appreciated, and becomes associated with your brand.

The identity of brand is very important part of every business and to build a business people should recognize the name of the brand. It is also very important to let your customers know about your brand and the quality of your fabric .

Manufacturing process of Woven labels

There many steps included in the manufacturing process. We have made each process easy , efficient, and effective. The steps are design and concept, prototype, production, finishing, and boxing.

Design & Concept: At the start, the client will provide us the brief design, which covers brand image, colors, size, logos and so on. After the step of requirements gathering, our staff will give a design of woven label and send to the client. Once the client is satisfied we will move to the next step.

Production: When the labels are approved by the client , the label is ready for production. In industry there are large looms that are used for production and once the required number is produced they are joined in one roll.  After that these rolls are checked for faults and damage and if there is no issue they will be move forward to the next step.

Finishing & Boxing: In finishing we have to do cutting, folding and boxing of labels and made them ready.  When we are finished, we will again check the quality and weight the packing and them ship the material.


Contact us for your Woven Labels

You can connect your customer with your woven labels when they are purchasing your stuff. A high quality woven label represent its dedication, fabric, and style.

All the Woven labels that we create are having a weave structure, damask, and tafetta. Customers are happy with our service as we are having a team of professionals. We use high quality material and our price is very reasonable. We deliver a product that is beautiful, elegant and amazing. 

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