Best Non Woven Slippers to buy at one Place!

Best Non Woven Slippers to buy at one Place!

Best Non Woven Slippers to buy at one Place!

Non Woven Slipper is one of the latest trend in the Boutique Hotel. Non-woven slippers are a portion of the available, portable hotel goods. The buyer may pick from several kinds of slippers. In addition, the shape of Disposable Slippers may be modified so that we can give a sample with better service, greater quality and better look, according to the unique needs of each customer.

QUALITY MATERIAL: The slippers’ exterior surface is composed of non-woven fabric with a breathable feel, allowing for maximum comfort throughout the day.
NON-SLIP: The 5mm EVA anti-slip sole keeps you from slipping in the restroom or on any other wet or dry surface.
HYGIENE PROTECTION: To ensure sanitary, each pair of disposable home guest slippers is separately wrapped. They’re easy to store and may be thrown away after use or stored in their plastic wrapper, saving you time.
  • White disposable open toe slippers perfect for hospitality use, spa weekend or even baby shower.
  • Made of non-woven fabric, these spa slippers are breathable and gently for feet in summer or high temperature.
  • Suitable for spas, hotels, guest houses and hospitality home.

Product Details:

 ▪ Material: Non-Woven Fabric / EVA anti-slip sole
 ▫ Size: 10.6″L x 4″W / 27 x 10cm
 ▪ Color: White


  •  Comfortable to wear, create a relaxing feeling to your feet.
  •  Individually wrapped for hygienic. Easy to use, carry or storage.
  •  The product is both hand and machine washable, but we recommend that no more than three times.
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